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River Rothay. A view of Donnell Reservoir from Donnell Vista in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Display of the northern lights, Aurora Borealis. The Point Sur Lightstation south of Monterey, California. High-rise buildings at Coolangatta across the small Currumbin bay. Old pagodas on the plains of Bagan. Looking from the rooftop of the Omni Royal Orleans hotel toward the St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square, post-Katrina. Mangrove tree growing quite well in the saline estuarine waters of the Clarence River. The interior of the Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Canada, including the central statue of Queen Victoria. Mt. Shasta at sunset in winter (December 2006). Baby joey koala at night descending a gum tree, by torch light. Pont Notre Dame and the River Seine. Elephant statue on the lower pedestal at Prasat Damrei temple in front of the central tower propped up and supported from further collapse. An aerial view of Botany Bay upon approach to the Sydney International Airport.