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Cattle loading race. A statue of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, Washington, DC -- a gift in 2002 from the Czech Republic. Mosque - Seria, Brunei Falls on Avalanche Creek. Boats on the Kuala Belait River - Brunei Small stream and rock pools. Carvings in the ruins at Cape Sounion, Greece. Sunrise over the river flats at low tide on the Clarence River. Mosque - Seria, Brunei A view of the Eiffel tower. Pandanus trees hanging on to the face at the mouth of North Gorge. Color in the desert, purple against red soil. Water harvesting; a spider catches the night dew. Lighthouse at the entrance to Trondheim harbor. A view upriver on the Potomac from Georgetown, north of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts. Sandstone walls of Russell Gully. A campfire. The Rhode Island State Capitol building in Providence, RI. A building detail at the Poble Espanyol. Propellor and rudder on ship in the Hurtigruten museum. Mt. Shasta in winter (December 2006). Water carrier heads home at the end of the day past peanut fields. Snail kite Slot canyon mimic. Mt. Shasta at sunset in winter (December 2006). Crater Lake, with Wizard Island. Mt. Shasta in winter (December 2006). The Hotel du Parlement with a statue in honor of Honore Mercier.