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A building along La Rambla in Barcelona. Princes Bridge over the Yarra River and looking upriver. Lobby - Al Bustan, Oman Care required Captain on the Severn River. Leonardo Da Vinci's portrait of Ginevra de' Benci, the only painting by Da Vinci in the Western Hemisphere. The tower of the Old Post Office building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. An aerial view of downtown Seattle, Washington. Grave markers and the lone pine at the Lone Pine cemetery and memorial to the ANZACs on the Gallipoli (Turkish Gelibolu) peninsula. Looking up at a half-moon hovering over a snow-dusted butte in the Grand Canyon. Moss covered fallen trees in the relatively dry upper rainforest. A view from the Pine Ridge Train in the Ventana Wilderness. Flufffy clouds and flowers. The Tahoe-Donner Cross Country Ski Center near Truckee. Collapsing pagoda. A piano in a music store. Horse in Stable - the Netherlands View east over Fraser Island towards a sandblow and the South Pacific Ocean. Lake Louise and Chateau Lake Louise from Fairview Lookout. Sandstone, rocks, algae and a barely discernible horizon at dawn. Mt. Shasta in winter (December 2006). The Trump Hotel in Chicago, with the Tribune Tower in the background from across the Chicago River. Stone texture #162. Mt. Shasta at sunset in winter (December 2006). Crater Lake, with Wizard Island. Mt. Shasta in winter (December 2006). Anglers trying their luck on the run out tide on the lower Clarence River.