We offer photos on over 19,337 topics as of 4 April 2021, and we have provided about 4,500 full versions upon request. See some of our best shots.

We give high quality, high-resolution photos to individuals for their personal use for free. We charge a one-time $50 fee for commercial use, with a 20% discount for 3 or more. You will see a link to request a photo when viewing it.

Becoming a FreeLargePhotos.com Contributor

Do you take good photographs? Are you willing to allow others to use your photographs for their personal use, while charging a small fee for commercial use? Are your photographic subjects similar to the ones you see on this site (for example, landscapes, cities and countries of the world, etc.)? If you answered yes to these questions then you may soon be a FreeLargePhotos.com photographer. Follow the procedures below to get going.

  1. Submit samples of your work to Roy Tennant, the manager of this site. You can either attach some samples to an email message, or send a URL to a web site that has your work. If Roy agrees that your work is appropriate in both style and quality for this site, go on to the next step.

  2. Sign the contract (see a sample contract). As you will see, this is just to establish a formal working relationship and to spell out our mutual obligations. It can be withdrawn by either party with a 30-day notice. The contract will assign you a number range to use when naming your files.

  3. Prepare your images. You will need at least three versions of each image:
    1. A full resolution (minimum 8 megapixel) version (this will be stored off the web and provided only upon request), to be named XXXXXX.jpg (for example, 300000.jpg)
    2. A full display version: 1600 pixels on the longest dimension (this is the largest version available on the web site), to be named XXXXXX_l.jpg (for example, 300000_l.jpg)
    3. A thumbnail preview: 400 pixels on the longest dimension, to be named XXXXXX_s.jpg (for example, 300000_s.jpg)

  4. Prepare your file of photo descriptions. A text file should accompany each batch of images you submit. It should be plain text (use Notepad or "Save as..." text from standard word processors). For each photo follow this format:
    t::Title for the image, can be as long as a sentence.
    d::Optional description of the image, this can be as long as you want.
    s::Subject One
    s::Subject Two
    t::Title for the image, can be as long as a sentence.
    s::Subject One
    s::Subject Two
    s::Subject Three
    A note on vocabulary: When appropriate, use subject terms that are already in use on the FreeLargePhotos.com site. If an appropriate subject does not exist yet, feel free to make one up, but I reserve the right to edit the selection. Photos should generally always have the name of the location where they are taken, as well as any larger geographic area of which it is a part (for example, a photo taken in San Francisco would also get the subject descriptor "California"). Place names should receive their own subject line, so "San Francisco, California" should be:
    s::San Francisco
    Photos typically have between two and six subjects, although there are no hard-and-fast rules on this. The more topics the easier it will be to find your photo, but the subjects should describe a major aspect of the photo.

  5. Upload your photos and description file to Dropbox. Create a free account and Roy will share the folder with you where you can deposit your images.

  6. Notify me that you have uploaded files to Dropbox. I will then download them to my computer, process them, and upload only the display versions and the descriptive files to the site. I will keep a copy of all photos on my computer, which I also back up regularly. But you should also keep a copy of all files as well.

If you prefer to establish contact via phone first, please email me your phone number and times when you are likely to be available.