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Close aboard hummingbird. A Century Plant with Zoroaster and Brahma Temples with a dusting of snow in the background. Hummingbird intensity. Desert plants. Tall Agave Americana in bloom. Agave by headlamp light. A century plant in the Grand Canyon. A Century plant in a lonely snow-bound vigil midway down the Grand Canyon in winter. A backpacker inspecting an Agave cactus on the trail in the Grand Canyon. Hummingbird dive bomb for nectar. Hummingbird in the middle. A fallen Century Plant (Agave) cactus on the Tonto Plateau. Horseshoe Mesa in winter. Hummingbird sneak attack. Looking to a snow-dusted South Rim from the Tonto Plateau, with a Century plant. Agave attraction. Hummingbird from underneath. Hummingbird coming in for nectar. Approach angle. Hummingbird Hovering Pointy and round. Agave Abstract 3 Hummingbird on final approach. Agave on Horseshoe Mesa in the Grand Canyon. Tops of Agave blooms. Large Agave in Bolivia. Agave Abstract 2 Perched and humming. Look closer at my tongue!