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Kingfisher Bay jetty, popular with anglers. Morning angler. Busy morning at the jetty. Silhouetted angler up early trying his luck before sunrise. Ugg booted angler. Urangan pier. Bright orb of sun just above the horizon at sunset. Angler hopeful of a catch before sunrise. Lone angler on Whitemark jetty. Pandanus pines overhang the still waters of the billabong, while anglers try their luck. Rising sun burning through. Anglers have all the angles covered. Seems like an angler’s trying paradise on the Clarence River. Angler throwing in a line from the footbridge over Deep Creek at sunset. Anglers trying their luck on the run out tide on the lower Clarence River. Small fishing craft try their luck around Fish Rock Island. A lot to take in at the jetty: anglers, boats and barnacles. Jetty reflected in a tidal pool at sunset. Fuel terminal point at Darwin port cruise ship terminal. Low tide under the old McKenzie's jetty. A lone angler silhouetted by sunrise on the rocks at the mouth of Currumbin Creek. A lone angler silhouetted by sunrise on the rocks at the mouth of Currumbin Creek. Early morning anglers trying their luck. Pre-sunrise glow from Boulder Beach. What is the collective noun for a group of pelicans, a gaggle?  Pelicans hang out for off cuts from anglers’ cutting bench. Sun’s up, surfers and fishers are out. Small fishing craft around Fish Rock Island. Sunset silhouettes a mangrove stump. Rising sun flaring through the clouds. Sunset silhouettes a mangrove stump. Fishing and surfing. Setting sun burns out the sky and silhouettes anglers on the footbridge over Deep Creek. Anglers trying their luck in the Atlantic Ocean. Fisher tries his luck watched by a seagull.