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Atlas Mountains

A kasbah fortified enclosure high in the Atlas Mountains. Looking down into a village in a valley from high in the Atlas Mountains. Sahara Desert panorama, sand to the high Atlas Mountains. Dry plain beneath weathered peaks of the middle Atlas Mountains. Harsh countryside in the lowlands of the middle Atlas Mountains. Ancient landform of the Atlas Mountains. Kasbah in the mountains with some sign of habitation. Kasbah and tower in the mountains. Farmer tending the fields. Hardy weathered trees amidst the rocky landscape. Mountain view. Village in the Ziz valley. Farmer in the Ziz valley loading his donkey with fodder. Abandoned tower fortification beside almost dry river. Date plantations in the fertile Ziz valley. Roadside depot under mountain range. Valley floor and dry river bed. Small village, houses derelict in appearance but the mosque cared for. Steep and winding road. Shepherd and sheep. Mountain crags. Across the Ziz valley, over the date palms, to the weathered other side. Mountain road traffic. Horse getting some feed mountainside. Abandoned roadside building.