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Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park. One of the main roads winding through the Park. A view from the Cedar Pass Overlook area at the east end of the Park. Badlands. The beautiful results of erosion. A baby peak in the grasslands. Badlands. Badlands. A sea of green amid the rock formations. A view from the Door Trail. Badlands. Beautiful views are everywhere in the Badlands. A little patch of green in the middle of the pinnacles. Badlands. A sharp spire in the Badlands. Multi-colored mounds. Badlands. The Yellow Mounds area of Badlands.  The mounds are an example of a fossil soil  named paleosol.  They were black ocean mud which was exposed to air and then weathered into yellow soil. Badlands. Beauty in the grasslands. Peaks rising out of the grasslands. Badlands Badlands. Badlands. Badlands. Badlands. Badlands. The peaks are part of the Sharps Formation which was deposited between 28 – 30 million years ago. Badlands. The tannish brown rock is is part of the Brule Formation which was deposited between 30 – 34 million years ago. Badlands. Badlands. A small canyon winding through some of the formations. Badlands. Badlands. Badlands. Badlands. Flowering Yellow Cactus