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Reflections. Dry seed pods of a banksia hang out over a lagoon. Flower of a swamp banksia, banksia robur. Brightness of the bottlebrush, banksia, stands out in the mist. Banksia overhangs a lagoon. Banksia flowering Patterns of nature, swamp banksia, banksia robur. Pollinator at work. Yellow flowers of the bottlebrush Banksia. Coastal Banksia. Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo, calyptorhynchus funereus, in a banksia tree. Banksia flower catches the sun. Banksia flower. Dry seed pods of coastal banksia silhouetted against the sunset sky. Three Moon Creek, early morning. Immature banksia flower. Lorikeet, trichoglossus heamatodus, feasting on Banksia nectar. Flower of the banksia, easy to see why it’s called a bottlebrush. Eucalyptus trees and banksia silhouetted at sunset. Banksia. Flower of the banksia, bottlebrush, a bird attractant. Still waters, Three Moon Creek.