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Bargara Beach

The sun is just cresting the horizon and casting its first light on the beach. Patterns of light and shade on the beach before sunrise. Soft light of early morning at the beach. Wide shot of the beach at low tide and the rising sun. One last look over the shoulder and the water lizard departs the deck. Rocks in the sand at sunrise. Impressive wing span. Water lizard can smell something good, tries the stealthy approach making a lot of noise on the dry leaf material. Smooth patterns from the retreating wave in the sand. Posing, water lizard stands still for the photo. Bat having a stretch before flying off for a night of foraging. High contrast, the rising sun is above the horizon but behind clouds and not throwing much light on the rocks. The tide is out and the sun has yet to rise. The rising sun well above the horizon and reflecting in the wet sand. The rising sun is above the horizon, behind clouds and shooting rays into the sky. Calming. Getting in close for a good look at a water lizard. Water lizard comes close, perhaps it can smell something good. Late riser.  Turtle hatchling should have been into the water before dawn. The rising sun is above the horizon shooting rays into the sky and burning through the clouds. The rising sun is clear of the horizon and shooting rays into the sky. Just hanging out together. Early morning but you can feel the heat from the rising sun. Beer?  Did someone say beer? The orb of the rising sun is above the horizon behind clouds and beginning to throw some light.