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Small tree, large snow load. Convenient bench for a rest. Nice weather for ducks on Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe. Fresh snow clings to a tree. Fresh snow through the tree. Scenic winter snow. Flying the flag over Lake Simcoe. Snowy lane, with a dash of color. Iced coffee? Fall colors around the Millstream. Things are looking up; but wait, those leaves don’t come from there. The last few leaves. Quiet woods. Fresh snow falling in the woods. Fall colors. Snowy lane. Fall colors over the Millstream. Peacefull Millstream. Snow load. The Millstream winds its way through the woods. The moss grows on the north side of the tree. A bit of fall color managing to hang in there. Heavily laden trees from the overnight dumping of snow. Lake outlook (bleak outlook?) over Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe.