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Barrington Tops

View from Thunderbolts Lookout over the Barrington River valley. Sphagnum moss lit up. Lichen and mosses abound along walking trails. Capillary thread moss. Polblue Swamp. Lichen and moss heads up. Grasses and eucalypts around Polblue Swamp. Open area of Polblue Swamp. Polblue Falls. Polblue Swamp. Abundant bracket fungus. Capillary thread moss doing well. Moss covered branches at Polblue Swamp. Capillary thread moss clumping on a tree. Gnarled gum tree. Polblue Creek. Polblue Falls. Polblue Creek rains Polblue Swamp. Trees, mosses and grasses at Polblue Swamp. High country sparse eucalypt forest. Thick and thin. Hanging sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss festoons. Fallen tree provides moss habitat. Clump of capillary thread moss on a tree. Gnarled and stunted gum tree. Sunbeam. Moss covered branches at Polblue Swamp. Twisted tree around Polblue Swamp.