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Over Picnic Bay to Winch Cove. Hat Head National Park view south over Little Bay. Winch Cove. Rocky beach of Winch Cove. Clear sea water in the weather protected Picnic Bay. Winch Cove. Northern end of Alexandria Bay. Dark rain clouds over Tea Tree Bay. Sunrise over Winch Cove. Spongelike marine debris on the rocks of Winch Cove. Broad sweep of Alexandria Bay south to Lion Rock. A view of Port Nicholson (Wellington Harbour) near the mouth (note the lighthouses at the point in the far distance to the right). Surf sand patterns at sunrise on Alexandria Bay. A view of Port Nicholson (Wellington Harbour) near the mouth. Surf and sea spray at sunrise. Pandanus Pine overlooks Alexandria Bay south to Lion Rock. Jet ski looping across Tea Tree Bay. Peninsula at the northern end of Alexandria Bay. Stunning view across Trial Bay to South West Rocks, from the jail turret; not for prisoners. Surf rolls into Alexandria Bay as waves crash on Lion Rock to the south. Tea Trees at Tea Tree Bay. Surf out beyond Winch Cove.