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Time to stand back and look at the results. Happy painter. Charm on temple dome. Freshly painted temple stone indicating blessings. Apsara dancer stone carving. Linga in Yoni shrine. Full moon rising. On horseback, goddess Maa Ambaji. Temple stone indicating blessings. Small temple. Shiva statue at temple. Head banded. Just sitting; temple visitors. Whitewashed bas relief at base of chedi. Departing happy, enriched. Stepping down. The old cliche of sunset over the cell phone tower. Temple side pavilion and chedi Photographers working. Temple entrance gateway column detail. Temple gateway detail. Old door, locked, but not impenetrable to geckos. Carting. Chedis. Home alone. Bright temple. Happy couple. Out together. Sun peek. Small inner-city temple. Late afternoon sun enriches the color, temple entranceway. Resigned to wait.