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Small boat slip into the crystal clear sea at Bicheno. Rocks, tidal pools and grasses at Bicheno. Fishing boat harbor and wharf at Bicheno. You call that a blowhole? TWC fishing boat at wharf in Bicheno. Boulders and rocks at Bicheno. Rocky shoreline and tidal pools at Bicheno. Now that’s better as a blowhole in action, even if the sea swell is calm. A contrast of colors; the deep blue of the crystal clear sea and the orange algae stained rocks. Panorama of the colored rocky shoreline near the blowhole at Bicheno. Sea gulls lining up for a peck at an oyster shell on the granites of Bicheno. Sea bird cleans up an oyster shell and has another to savor. Granite shore dips to crystal clear sea at Bicheno. Boats at rest in the calm sea protected by Governor Island.