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Fallen basalt column of Mount Scoria. Burnt fallen tree. Nature stonemasonry. Mount Scoria toppled columnar basalt. Very regularly shaped column and a fractured piece of the fine grained grey basalt. Banks of Rainbow Creek. Vine encased Bottle tree, brachychiton rupestris. Bottle tree, brachychiton rupestris. Peahens, pavo cristatus, marching in time. Peacock, pavo cristatus, looking back. Lean to the right. Australian Magpie, cracticus tibicen, calling out. Colored lichen on basalt. Fallen fence post. Morning sun through Bottle tree, brachychiton rupestris. Weathered and lichened columnar basalt of Mount Scoria. Rainbow Creek. Rainbow Creek reflections. Peacock, pavo cristatus. Mount Scoria summit. Lower scree slope of Mount Scoria.