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Mountain range silhouetted against a fiery sky. Just gone noon and we’re losing the light in downtown Bodo. Harpoon boat in the Bodo small boat harbor on Christmas day. Lighthouses lead the way into the harbor at Bodo. Mid-morning reflections at the Bodo small boat harbor. Sentinel; a solitary seagull stands watch. A frayed knot. Channel marker shows the way into the harbor at Bodo. Ships, boats and snow-capped mountains. Mid-morning calm in the boat harbor at Bodo. The sun is below the horizon, lighting the clouds. Old fort beside Bodo harbor. Calm reflections, Bodo small boat harbor. Towering snow-capped mountain peaks dominate the industrial Bodo harbor. 11.00am, Christmas day, Bodo small boat harbor, only things moving are a few sea birds. The coastal steamer Richard With at dock in Bodo harbor. Bodo cathedral, Bodo domkirke. Bodo city hall. The Rubicon at dock in the Bodo small boat harbor. Symmetry: Bodo harbor customs office. Very little happening in the Bodo small boat harbor on Christmas day. Just gone 12.00 noon at Bodo city hall. Looking downtown Bodo and across the harbor. Turn and face me: sea bird on Bodo harbor. Crowded in at Bodo small boat harbor on Christmas day. Utilitarian Bodo railway station. Mountain and sea. Sea birds puffing out their chests on Bodo harbor. Downtown Bodo, just after noon, city hall clock tower showing 12.25. Sculpture by Arnold Haukeland to author Knut Hamsun. Rescue divers’ boat in Bodo small boat harbor. Old fort at the entrance to the Bodo harbor. No-one’s out fishing on Christmas day. Statue of King Haakon 7 downtown Bodo. Channel marker at the entry to the harbor at Bodo. Bodo cathedral, Bodo domkirke. Lighthouse at the entrance to the Bodo harbor. Houses in Bodo, with the Bodo cathedral as backdrop.