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Camel cab. Readying for a dune trip, Tuareg camel handlers. Circle the camels. Camel Crossing Sign - Sumail, Oman Camel Pair - Mintirib, Oman Well enough. Afternoon sun casts shadows of man and beasts. Nose up. Light load. Why stand when you can sit. Patience. Omani with Camels - Al Amahdi, Oman A caravan of camels crosses the desert. Mother and Baby Camel - Ras al Junayz, Oman. Smiling, contented camel. Color coded camel. Head down. Camel and handler. Camel. Camel - Petra, Jordan Looking around. Tuareg camel handlers. Camel - Petra, Jordan Camel parking lot. Camels silhouetted at sunset. Camel rules: face the sun.  Someone defies the rule. Camel - Petra, Jordan Camels and Oil Wells - Marmul, Oman Head held high. Look at me.