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Construction style mix: arches and beams. Tomb. Ancient ruins of Chellah. Flower amongst the ruins. Entrance gateway to ancient ruins of Chellah. Interesting tree. Latin inscription on stone. Necropolis room. Flag of morocco flies outside the turreted walls of the ancient ruins of Chellah. Walls, arches and windows. Window openings in thick walls. Color coordinated cat. Necropolis entrance. Cast of kittens. Down time. Stork nests at the high points. Window to arched ceiling. Stork atop minaret. Base. Door. Stork atop minaret. Chellah outer wall and inner gateway. Stork atop minaret. Tails up. Looking in. Archway to outside. Green doorway. Attendants at necropolis entrance. Ancient ruins of Chellah. Grave in necropolis. Single column and arches. Archways of the necropolis. Art imitates art: is this The Scream? Headless in Chellah. Arches rule. Ancient ruins of Chellah.