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Constant traffic on the trail, another load of chickens on the way up. A close-up of a rooster. Chicken carrier ascending the trail. Village scene; chickens, washing up and the Hungry Eye Restaurant. Chickens being transported up the trail. Stand-off in the turf war. Always the washing up to be done. Fine feathered friend. Chicken in front of incredibly neat and well stocked farm house. So much to see: supper on the charcoal cooker, free range chickens, two kittens, transportation. Chicken porter, still climbing, passes a red rhododendron tree. Dishes washed and drying at farm house, chickens picking around. Chickens, woven mat and bamboo. Roadside farm-house, bicycle at the ready, chickens in the garden. Mountain farm life; people, children, chickens, haystacks and fire wood. Porter rearranging the chickens in a carrier.  Everything that goes up the trail has to be carried, or walks. Chicken, chicks and farm cart. Rooster proclaims ownership. Vineyard rooster.