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Hiding, or seeking?  Children at play. Young boys on a fence. Mother and child on a dusty road. Village shop with family watching TV. Boy, bicycle and hoodie. Small child, hand out for food, at a farm house. At the well, children at a well in front of a house. Mother readies girl for school. Girl, not at all shy about looking straight into the lens. Small child, dirty face. Children sitting on a farm gate. Children playing in front of a school. Children playing and women talking. Small child peeking out a window. Children running on a small path between the rice fields. In style. Children on a trail. Village child in the front yard of his house. Children playing in the grounds of Wat Prom Rath. Mountain farm life; people, children, chickens, haystacks and fire wood. Boy in the doorway of an old building. Small child at farmhouse in the morning. Mother and child at farmhouse beside the Modi Khola. Two by two at the zoo. White elephant, wet. Children on the captured Russian BMP (War in Ukraine). Small child playing at the base of a tree.