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Christmas Decorations

Festive season. Christmas decorations on the streets of Alesund. Christmas and holiday decorations inside the terminal buildings at Changi airport. Christmas tree and decorations inside Nidaros Cathedral. The day after Christmas in Finnsnes and most houses are showing Christmas decorations. Main street of Kristiansund, leading up from the harbor. Main street of Kristiansund, leading up from the harbor. Brightly lit Christmas tree, noon. Just gone noon and we’re losing the light in downtown Bodo. The shop is shut. Christmas tree in the city square. Just gone 12.00 noon at Bodo city hall. Downtown Bodo, just after noon, city hall clock tower showing 12.25. Street leading up to Hammerfest downtown, noon and busy. Late afternoon and the main street of Tromso is quiet. A decorated Christmas tree. Christmas decoration inside the terminal buildings at Changi airport. Dockside Christmas tree and a search and rescue boat. Harborside houses in Havoysund. Business and houses beside Risoyhamn harbor. Small boat harbor and coastal farms. Cityscape: Mehamn. Nativity scene inside Nidaros Cathedral. Main altar of Nidaros Cathedral. Red Tree. Farm house and outbuildings. Buildings and houses around the harbor at Kristiansund. Houses perched along the shore, Christmas decoration in a window. Christmas decorations.