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City Palace

Palace decoration, courtyard. Cannons in the forecourt of the palace. Ornate palace door. Henna painters, a pavilion in the palace grounds. Balconies overlook the forecourt of the palace. Palace security, at the ready. Private area of the palace. Palace door with viewing opening. A palace guard’s life is not a happy one. Through the door into the palace inner courtyard. Palace guards. Colorful peacock fresco. Door with mini me door. On duty. Resting. Door: climb proof or climb enabling? Arch detail. It’s 1.44 or 1.47, or something else. Gangajalais.  One of a pair of 4000 liter silver urns. Pigeon looks a little scrawny. Monument and palace Impressive doors. Snake charmer and two cobras. Fiercely protective. Henna hand painting, serious business. Private area, door guards. Fountain. Cannon. Snake charmer, his cobras and his flutes. Inner wall.