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Coolum Beach

The town of Coolum along a windswept beach. Beach side flower against sandy leaves. Posts driven into the sand of the beach. Walking trail to the beach as a storm approaches. Tidal pool at Stumers Creek mouth with stormy sea. Perhaps not a very effective fence. Grasses lining Stumers Creek. Windswept coastline. Patterns in the sand formed by wind and sea. Pandanus pines, pedunculatus, and beachside trees and grasses stabilize the dunes. Dune stabilizing grasses and plants against a stormy sky. Lichen growing on a seaside tree. Fallen tree on the bank of Stumers Creek. Grass does a runner across the sand. Grasses laid flat after a storm over sand dunes. Grasses and flowers of the dunes. Tidal pool at the mouth of Stumers Creek. Linear pattern of wind erosion on sand. Stumers Creek backs up as it enters the sea at low tide. Flowers of the dunes. Mineral sand ripples in the creek. Footprints and grasses in the sand dunes. Pig face, carpobrotus glaucescens, battles sand and wind.