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Coomba Falls

Falling rain dots the waterhole surface at Coomba Falls. Coomba Falls over the granites into the waterhole on a grey winter’s day. Coomba Falls over the granites and into a deep waterhole. Between the trees: Coomba Falls. Coomba Falls and waterhole milky in a long exposure on a dull day. Coomba Falls and waterhole panorama. High grey clouds over Coomba Falls. Coomba Falls trickles over the exposed granites. Coomba Falls over the granites into the waterhole. Framed, Coomba Falls and waterhole. Coomba Falls reflected in the waterhole. Milky falls and waterhole surrounded by stunning granite formations. Milky Coomba Falls and waterhole. A longer exposure renders the Coomba Falls milky. Coomba Falls trickling down the ancient granites. Colored granites and green grass beside the Coomba waterhole. Granite tors have tumbled down over the ages around the Coomba waterhole. Dry grasses, granite tors and verdant grass trees, xanthorroea. Granite and grasses surround the waterhole. Coomba waterhole, crystal clear but cold. Granite tors beside the Coomba waterhole. A swing rope to launch swimmers into Coomba waterhole but beware, dangerous fallen branches. The Coomba waterhole forms a patch of light between the granites and grasses. Stunning Coomba waterhole with colored granites and grasses. Profusion of well-established grass trees, xanthorroea. Balancing act, granite tors beside the Cooma waterhole. Pickly Pear Cactus growing from seemingly solid granite. Colored granite hosting the roots of trees beside the Coomba waterhole. Coomba waterhole overflow. Central flower of a  grass tree, xanthorroea, something finds it good eating. Grasstrees, xanthorrhoea, thriving on the slope at the side of the Coomba waterhole. Swing rope to leap into the waterhole. Close up colored lichen on granite. Close up of the ear of a Pickly Pear Cactus.