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Spring bluebonnet field and singing steer. It’s a race.  Cattle yard and cows in pasture. Spring Bluebonnet field and steer. Tiptoes in the lupines. Who is watching who? Highly productive water buffalo at milking time. Cows Procession - Brienz, Switzerland Cows Grazing Along the Rothorn Cog Railway - Brienz, Switzerland Mixed company. Sign of recent occupation at an old farm milking shed door. Abandoned farm shed and cows in pasture. A view of southern Sonoma Valley. His aim is very good: milking time for a water buffalo. Farm sheds and grazing cows. Inquisitive cow. The grass is greener on this side of the fence. Cows Grazing, Ballenberg Open Air Museum - Brienz, Switzerland Cows grazing in Šar Mountains National Park in Kosovo. Cow on Hillside, Ballenberg Open Air Museum - Brienz, Switzerland Water buffalo, tied and ready for a morning milking. Yellow berries on a spindly, dry plant, obviously not palatable to the cattle sharing the field. The dangers of barbed wire, nearly costing this cow an eye. Cow showing how to lick its nose. Milking time for a water buffalo. Dam with ducks and cows beyond.