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Where’s my milk, do I have to eat these leaves?  Water buffalo calf while cow is being milked. Light wispy snow being blown up from Annapurna South peak at sunrise. Welcome. Magnificent gates of the Annapurna Conservation Area. Kitchen of Panorama Point Lodge. Women walking along a trail in valley farmland. Small child playing at the base of a tree. Fishtail mountain, Machhapuchhre, at sunrise. Panorama of the mountains after the sun has set and heavy clouds start to clear. First light of the sunrise hits the peaks of the Annapurna Range. Highly productive water buffalo at milking time. Panorama of the mountains of the Annapurna Range including Fishtail mountain, Machhapuchhre, at sunrise. Fishtail mountain, Machhapuchhre, just one valley over. Woven scarf on weaving loom. Mother readies girl for school. Panorama Point Lodge under heavy skies at what would be sunset if the sun was not obscured. Thorny flowers. Children sitting on a farm gate. Woman in pink at weaving loom. Children playing in front of a school. Duck and ducking under newly woven scarves. His aim is very good: milking time for a water buffalo. Dhampus Sub Health Post Birthing Center. Children on a trail. Water buffalo, tied and ready for a morning milking. Farm terraces and farm house with washing flying. Terraced fields and large farm building complex. Grabbing a bit of sun; porters resting. Water buffalo, deep in thought in the morning. People sitting in the forecourt of a house. Milking time for a water buffalo. Fishtail mountain, Machhapuchhre, at sunrise. Very large tree dwarfs woman carrying basket. Ready to reap. Woman in pink at weaving loom. All hard at work, house under construction.