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Date seller - Nahkl, Oman Ears back and on the alert. Date trading at the market, donkey brings them in, van takes them out. Fish Merchant - Quriyat, Oman Boys and donkeys. Cement delivery into the medina. Slow ascent in the streets of the medina Donkey resting. Heavily laden, goods transport within the narrow medina streets. Donkey delivery of goods into the medina. Hand stitched saddle. Delivery. Weighed down. Farmer tending the fields. Donkey parking lot. Water carrier. Head to head. Hobbled donkey grazing (sand?). Boarding. Freight transport. Tending to his donkey. Now, where’s my ride? Donkey trading, a fine specimen here. Farmer in the Ziz valley loading his donkey with fodder. Donkey stands sensibly in the shade. Hard right. City gate passage, the slow way. Donkey parking lot line up, backs to the sun. A donkey to ride in Crete.