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Double Island Point

Light of Double Island Point lighthouse. Rust stain on Double Island Point lighthouse. South Pacific Ocean and Great Sandy Bay north to Double Island Point. Pacific Ocean from Double Island Point lighthouse. Carlo sandblow from Double Island Point. Whales cruising off Double Island Point. Double Island Point lighthouse. Double Island Point lighthouse. Sun atop Double Island Point lighthouse. Double Island Point lighthouse porthole. Pandanus on Double Island Point. Whales rolling off Double Island Point with a dolphin in the lead. Laid back lizard. Rusty door hardware on old house. Parking lot Teewah Beach. Tongue flick to taste the air. Craggy rock. Prickly Pear cactus and pigface. Rocky face looks over the South Pacific Ocean. Pandanus pine clinging in the cleft. Lace monitor enjoying the sun. South Pacific. Looking for a snack. Fishing and surfing. Surfing at the northern end of Teewah Beach. Pigface flower, carpobrotus glaucescens. Pandanus pine and view over the South Pacific Ocean. Yacht sailing past. Layered sand at Teewah Beach. Lizard sees me but is not concerned. Pigface, carpobrotus glaucescens, in profusion. Lichen encrusted rock.