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Low tide at the Kingfisher Bay jetty. Sand, driftwood and barnacle. Driftwood on the beach. Driftwood caught in sea side rocks. Salt bleached driftwood. Small sand dune and stabilizing plants on the ocean side of Fraser Island. Driftwood posing in the sunrise. Beached driftwood. Give me a hand, would you? Just above the horizon, the sun sets over the Australian mainland. Piece of driftwood on the rocks at Hells Gates. Beach debris; driftwood (or driftnut). Sand ripples and driftwood. Verdant Sea Spurge and dun. Drifting away. Beach driftwood. Quiet little cove with low tide detritus. Driftwood. Sun lights the side of a piece of driftwood and a piece of tumbling weed. Soft crepuscular light after sunset. Island driftwood. Broken coral and driftwood. Glow after the sunset throws the sand into life. Wind trail behind driftwood high on the sandblow after a passing rain shower. Driftwood. Driftwood blown on to the beach, and a lot of sea and sky. Setting sun lights up the tidal flats. Abandoned rope on the beach. Tree stump decaying away on the shoreline in the crepuscular light. Driftwood stranded after the tide has receded. Driftwood. Driftwood on the beach at low tide. Coastal driftwood. Beach debris, driftwood. Piece of driftwood, textured by the weather and infilled by coral sand. Beach driftwood. Driftwood on the rocky shore of Tea Tree Bay. Driftwood on the shore of Lake St Clair. Life is tough for flora on a wind blasted coast, Sea Spurge, euphorbia paralias. Driftwood and sand/organic material concretions. Coarse sand of Dove Lake. Fire in the sky as the sun sets. Drift wood cast high on Boulder Beach. Fallen tree, perhaps too large to be driftwood, on the seashore at low tide. Beach bones. Driftwood and debris driven high on the rocky coast. Eye on driftwood. Piece of driftwood on the rocks at Hells Gates. Beach driftwood.