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Elephant Ride, Rose Garden Pavilion - Nakorn Pathom, Thailand Using cell phone while driving. Elephants on the trail to the Amber Fort while a vendor offers fabric. Surprise! Elephant. Not looking me in the eye. Baby elephant, just plodding on. Mother elephant watching baby. Elephant parking lot. Throwing around some dust and debris. Oh dear, the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Decorated elephants on the trail. Baby elephant sniffing out the fence post top. Elephant leads a wedding party. Two feet under. Bath time, and loving it. Restrained. Just a little bit teary eyed. Elephant round up. Elephant procession up the hill. Junior follows mom. Big boy. Heading home; elephant and passengers. Elephant strolling the Jaleb Chowk courtyard. Trunks are very useful. White elephant, wet. Elephant walking around. Pair of baby elephants, not twins. Elephant waves a reed to keep insects at bay.