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Bicycle parked against a substantial date palm trunk. Sun almost gone behind low cloud on the horizon, birds coming home to roost. Sun setting flares through clouds. Late afternoon sun through desert haze. Setting sun and desert haze in front of distant mountains. Sun setting through clouds silhouettes the kasbah towers. Sun setting through clouds silhouettes birds. Sun rises past the low mountains and the western Sahara Desert. Last burst of sun. Street art depicts a kasbah and date palms Smartly dressed. Street art. Outer wear for the modern woman. Date trader at market. Morning walk. Dates, bulk wholesale at the morning market. Horse, having brought a load of dates to market, awaits the return home laden with cash. A new day underway. Horse, patiently waiting. Modes of transport at the market. Date trading at the market, donkey brings them in, van takes them out.