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Flinders Island

Granites, lichen and algae in Blyth Bay, Sisters Passage and Inner Sister Island. Strzelecki Peaks on Flinders Island. Orange lichen on granite with grass. Lone angler on Whitemark jetty. See here, weathered limestone. Penguin rock. Black swans enjoying the rain in Parrys Bay. Surviving the elements. A gulp of cormorants on Whitemark Beach. Pink flower amid the coastal grasses. Mollusc shells and seaweed debris on beach. Over Blyth Bay to Palana. Snail explores the outer limits. Lichen covered granite boulders. Beach claw. Lichen on granites in Blyth Bay. Algae covered limestone with sea snails. Seaweed on Whitemark Beach, Strzelecki Peaks to the south east. Granite nest egg. Swirly pattern of sea weed pods and cuttlebone. Take over. Pelican and cormorants on small reef in Blyth Bay. Yawn. Life is tough for flora on a wind blasted coast, Sea Spurge, euphorbia paralias. Catamaran stranded at low tide at Whitemark Beach, Strzelecki Peaks to the south east. Engine block and crankshaft exposed by Whitemark Beach low tide. Weathering limestone cap on granites. Jagged. Beach bones. Weathered limestone.