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Argan fruit on the tree. Prickly Pear in fruit. Sultanas. Pandanus Pine, pedunculatus, bearing fruit. Pineapple Plant - Brunei Fruit vendor at base of chedi. Olives for sale. Nuts to you, the fruit of the Pandanus Pine, pedunculatus. Prickly Pear, one fruit, backdrop Mt Barney. Array of produce. Dates and figs. Fruit of Australian Native Cherry, exocarpos cupressiformis. The buds on the branch of an apricot. Flowering apricot spring. Fruit on a tree cropped for fodder. Fruit vendor, no buyers. Dates, bulk wholesale at the morning market. Fruit of Pandanus Pine, pedunculatus, near Fingal Head lighthouse. Roadside monkey. Pandanus pine fruit. Old Town fruit shop. Golden Buddha image. Pomegranates and children's clothing. Fruit cart. Fruit stalls at the Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. Pineapple for Sale - Brunei Hand up Buddha image.