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Farmer and His Goat - Enkhuizen, the Netherlands Farm yard with crops and goats. Spinning - Mintirib, Oman Eland and goats. Smiling goat. Baa. Looks as if we’re having fun! Goats, resting on the berm between fields. Kids' playground. Goat with bell. Heading down to a new position. Women leading goats. Farm scene; picking vegetables. Inquisitive goat. Let’s get quizzical. Bleating goat. Goat in argan tree portrait. Sorry kids, mom’s tied up at the moment. The cloven hoofs allow them to climb trees. The silhouette of a mountain goat as seen from the Colorado River. Temple of Artemis - Jerash, Jordan Keep your eye on the goal. Sparse vegetation even for goats. Just love that argan fruit. High on a tree was a lonely goat. Look at us. Here’s looking at you, kid. How many goats can one argan tree bear? Grazing kids. I’ve got my eye on you. Goat one; argan nought. Goat. A silhouetted Mountain Goat as seen from the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. A trip of goats.