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Inside a pagoda. Looking out through the rain from turtle island to the lake. Temple grounds. Inside a pagoda. Entry portal to turtle island. Buddha images on temple grounds. Inside a pagoda. Inside a  pagoda. Rock statue on temple grounds. Elevated pagoda houses a large bell. Tiered chedi housing numerous Buddha images. Inside a pagoda. Temple grounds and elevated pagoda. One pillar pagoda. Elevated pagoda. Images inside a pagoda. Lake view café; stair climb required. Small pagoda with a water view. Inside a pagoda. Is this the Vietnamese equivalent of Row on row of Buddha images in a pagoda. Inside a pagoda. Buddha images on temple grounds. Smoky façade of a pagoda. Incense burning and devotionals at the temple on turtle island. One pillar pagoda. Buddha image finds its niche. Bridge on turtle island. Fountain and circle on the lake. Tiered chedi. Small roadside temple. Very large drum in temple grounds. Guardian lion. Ngoc Son temple on turtle island.