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Hastings Point

Surf rolls on to the beach south of Hastings Point at sunset. Hastings Point beach, early morning. Sunrise over the rocky point. Hastings Point beach and the mouth of Cudgera Creek at sunset. Sunrise over Hastings Point at low tide. Late afternoon sea from Hastings Point. Setting sun catches the clouds over the sea off Hastings Point. Morning surf at Hastings Point beach from the mouth of Cudgera Creek. Sea spray from waves breaking on Hastings Point. Sunrise over Hastings Point. North from Hastings Point to the promontory at Cabarita. Sunset over the mouth of Cudgera Creek. Sunrise hits algae on rocks at low tide Windblown pandanus. Last light in the sky over Cudgera Creek. Silhouetted pandanus, pedunculatus. Pelicans at dusk on Cudgera Creek. Gull wings. Bush Stone Curlew asleep on its feet. Sun sets over Cudgera Creek. Fisher tries his luck watched by a seagull. Morning angler. Bush Stone Curlew, looking for a snack. Pig Face, carpobrotus glaucescens, flower contrasts the trunk of a pandanus, pedunculatus. Bush Stone Curlew. Low tide and low sun at Cudgera Creek. Waves crashing on rocks. Pycnoporus coccineus fungus consumes a fallen tree. Bush Stone Curlew. Wild and stormy ocean. Low tide, late afternoon.