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Wood color. Ancient wine jugs. The modern part of Hersones. The lock on the fence Jh+Sv. Notches above. Longest city street. City street. The main bell Hersones. Temple. Columns near. Rostrum theater. View at the sea. The ruins at Hersones. The Mint Hersones. Map of Hersones. Tree near the entrance to the city The lock on the fence. High columns. Ornament columns. Inside the house. The temple and road. The ruins of the theater. The road to the main bell. Bird on a column. Ancient mosaic bird. The residential part of the old town. Trees growing on the ruins. Pit for salting fish. Stage at the ruins of Hersones. View from the bell to the sea. Another part of the residential area. Ancient mosaic. Entrance to the building. The furnace in the house. Bay in Hersones. Basement at the ruins of Hersones in Crimea. Basement general view. Entrance to the old building.