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Two masted sailing boat, sails furled, in Constitution Dock. Alongside, boat at Constitution Dock. Elizabeth Street mall in downtown Hobart, cold, windy and shops for lease. The well-kept Lady Nelson at Constitution Dock. Fishing and other boats in Constitution Dock. Sailing boat in Constitution Dock as the sun sets behind Hobart town. Interesting.  Bollard with tug boat attached in Constitution Dock. St David's Cathedral. Mast detail of the Lady Nelson; which rope for what? Bow detail of Windeward Bound. Tangle of stays, ropes and a rubber tire fender at Constitution Dock. Difficult anchor to deploy at sea. Port holes and peeling paint. Fishing boats with lobster traps in Constitution Dock. Yacht at Constitution Dock. Neatly tied anchor of a yacht in Constitution Dock. Float plane and pleasure craft at Constitution Dock. Decorated prow of a boat in Constitution Dock. Bow sprit detail. Boats in Constitution Dock. Counterweight of the Constitution Dock lifting bridge. Statue of Governor Sir John Franklin by the Hobart Post Office at night. Antarctic supply icebreaker ship in Constitution Dock. Hobart Post Office, lit by low afternoon sun. Yachts in Constitution Dock. Yachts at Constitution Dock against a pale sunset. Old Jessop and Appleby steam powered crane at Constitution Dock.