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Restaurateur touting for business. Dragon decoration. Pedicab congestion as driver looks up for inspiration. Fuyuan tearoom. House doorway decorations, along the Hutong (old city). Dusty alley, dusty bikes. I'm free, pedicab driver. Pedicab #28, not in service. Old city, old door. Supermarket entranceway. Show me the way. Shop, open for business. Lakefront restaurant, not busy, asleep at the counter. San Glasses, for when you're caught sans glasses. #49, closed. Yuan Feng Tea Shop. Busy shop. Bicycles at the ready. The Beijing bell tower. Chinese Imperial Post. Park outing. Shichahai shopping precinct coming alive for the evening. Floral display in front of the drum tower. Bridal party. House door and door pull. Iced confectionaries, not busy, nail cleaning time. Laneway hairdressing salon. Shichahai pedestrian shopping precinct. The Beijing drum tower. Back laneways transport. Grate tie point. Electric motorcycle cab, not your average tuk tuk. Rental bike, awaiting next user. Goods delivery vehicle. Bicycle with hand and knee warmer quilt. Lantern. Pullman class pedicab, locked.