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Jaisalmer Fort

Fort night. Panorama of Jaisalmer fort, afternoon sun. Narrow entrance to Jaisalmer Fort. Fort apartments from outside. Fort looking out over Jaisalmer town. Fort defence. Fort guard tower, for the birds. Jaisalmer Fort buildings. Jaisalmer Fort gateway, including slots for pouring hot oil on intruders. Panorama of Jaisalmer fort. Fort high tower shuttered window. Line-up at Jaisalmer Fort entrance. Stepping out. Corner balcony to catch the wind. Linear. Waiting in the morning sun. Apsara dancer stone carving inside Jain temple. Light filters in to light a statue. Happy to oblige. Hung out to dry. Floors of buildings above laneway. Temple carvings. Stone carvings inside Jain temple. Intricate ceiling in temple. Peeking inside a house. Carvings around the base of the central chedi structure. Wooden carved window shutters. Aimed and ready. Everything detailed. Parked up. Stone carvings inside Jain temple. Statue inside Jain temple. Face off. Ceiling detail. Roof dog. Wooden carved doors.