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Kelp and a solitary frangipani flower on Nambucca beach. Beyond the rocks and kelp of Cressy Beach to Great Oyster Bay and the Freycinet Peninsula. Swimming at Nambucca beach under a dark and stormy sky. Lead in line, kelp and shadow. Seagulls expecting something tasty in the kelp on Nambucca beach. Seashell and kelp, early morning on the beach. Low tide and stormy sky over Nambucca beach surf clubhouse. Beached kelp, early morning. Lead in lines: beached kelp points to offshore storm. Early morning walks on Nambucca beach. Granite shore dips to crystal clear sea at Bicheno. Tangle of kelp at low tide on Nambucca beach. Kelp and remnants of a jellyfish on Nambucca beach.