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Lady Musgrave Island

Uprooted tree on the coral beach, not very deep roots. Lady Musgrave Island at the lower end of the Great Barrier Reef, a long way out from the mainland. Fallen tree on the white coral beach and in the background the sign to the cross island walking trail. Island life; birds, fallen trees, coral and sea. Lots of interesting things for birds on the tip of the island. Life on the coral cay island; burrows of Wedge Tailed Shearwater birds (Mutton birds) amongst the Pisonia trees. Broken coral make up the beach and shore line of the island and provide home to molluscs. Gentle waves on the coral beach, in the distance seems like breakers but is just low waves on shallow coral reef. Bent and uprooted trees on the coral shore. Red coral amid bleached coral. Seagulls about to cop a drenching. Texture of a fallen tree on the beach. You lookin’ at me?  Turtle pops its head up for a breath and look around. Colors and textures of the coral and shells comprising the beach. Noddy Terns roosting in the island’s Pisonia trees. Driftwood blown on to the beach, and a lot of sea and sky. Birds wheeling over the inner lagoon as the waves gently lap the shore. Sentinel bird on the coral beach, way beyond is the reef encircling the coral lagoon. Shallow tidal pools around the coral cay and a lot of deep blue sea. Trail marker, protect the coral cay. Piece of driftwood, textured by the weather and infilled by coral sand. Dead and desiccated Tern on the coral sand, victim of sticky Pisonia tree seeds. Fallen tree, twisted by the weather and wind, the grasses holding on to the coral sand. Low tide exposes the coral reef plateau. A Pisonia tree, shallow rooted, has fallen over and then continued growing strongly upwards. Home is what you make it; a mollusc on coral in a tide pool. Plateaus of coral reef stretching into the crystal clear sea. Driftwood on the beach. Pieces of coral and weather coral sand. Dead Tern, victim of sticky Pisonia tree seeds, amid the leaf matter and coral. Beach, reef and inner lagoon. Molluscs and algae on coral in a tide pool. Bird looking for supper. Idyllic south pacific.  Clear sea, birds, and coral beach. Tire tracks?  No, a turtle has made her way up, on the left, above the high tide line, laid her eggs and then back to the sea on the right.