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Nature blend. Intangible. Male lion in front of Shaolin Temple. Shanghai old town street scene. Hustle and bustle along the Grand canal. House doorway decorations, along the Hutong (old city). Ribboned ceremonial lantern. Corner watchtower on Xi'an city wall. Easy passage. Nanshi street scene, ubiquitous Starbucks. Well lit. Lanterns, roofs and bell. Colorful. Grand canal. Lakefront restaurant, not busy, asleep at the counter. Somebody is working. Sigh. Restsurant open. Lantern. Side canal. Busy shop. Canal traffic. Shichahai shopping precinct coming alive for the evening. Frash water pearl sign. Golden Buddha image. Restaurant with a view. Imperial Garden lantern. Prayer hall within the temple precinct. Hanging lanterns. Temple entrance guardians. Along the Grand canal towards the Tiger Hill pagoda. Watchtower on Xi'an city wall. Lanterns. Lantern. Out and a boat. Temple buildings. House with deck overlooking the canal.