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Lava Falls

A kayaker entering Lava Falls on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon (note the river runners watching on the bank). A motor rig running the left side of Lava Falls. A large motor raft in the middle of Lava Falls, with people watching on shore. Lava Falls in the Grand Canyon. A motor rig in the middle of Lava Falls. A motor rig navigating Lava Falls. A private boat entering Lava Falls in 1978. A kayaker in the throes of Lava Falls while a motor rig looks on from the eddy. A big motor rig navigating Lava Falls in the Grand Canyon. Lava Falls from upriver. A commercial pontoon boat running Lava Falls Rapid. Scouting the one and only Lava Falls rapid. Staring at it doesn't make it any better -- scouting Lava Falls in the Grand Canyon.