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Lichen growing on the side of the old boatshed on Dove Lake. Lichen abounds on old fence posts. Nature stonemasonry. Icicles hanging from a lichen-encrusted Grand Canyon rock. Lichen and log, textures and patterns. Lichen covered and rotting away, old split log fence. Lichen covered old split log fence post. Lichen encrusted rock. Rocky lichen covered rock in the rain. Split log fence and small tarn, evening low light produced a soft image. Very regularly shaped column and a fractured piece of the fine grained grey basalt. Rocky lichen covered rock amongst the ferns in the rain. Wild flower, button grass, granite and lichen. Lichen loving the granite exposures. Twisted lichen and moss covered tree in the forest. Lichen is almost fluorescent on the granite. Branched lichen on old fence. Lichen and moss reclaim fallen trees on the forest floor. Lichen covered granite exposure at Dove Lake. Tiny lichen outgrowths on an old wooden structure. Colored lichen on basalt. Patch of vigorous lichen. Weathered and lichened columnar basalt of Mount Scoria. A California Poppy against the backdrop of a lichen-covered rock. They’re not barnacles, just lichen on an upturned small boat. Granite, lichen and grass. Tree, with lichen covered leaves, rooted in the sand and gravel of Dove Lake. Lichen covered tree overhanging Dove Lake. Unlikely to be able to perform fence duties, old split log fence. Fallen basalt column of Mount Scoria. Stunted and weatherworn snowgum and lichen covered granite boulder at Dove Lake. Lichen on sandstone rocks in the Grand Canyon.