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Linga Shrines

One in a line of Linga in Yoni shrines. One in a line of Linga in Yoni shrines. Linga in yoni at Harshat Mata temple adjacent to Chand Baori. Tree growing hard up against a shrine. Linga in Yoni stone carving. Broken lintel over the entry to a Linga shrine. Shrine along the River Ganges ghats. Linga in Yoni stone carving. A large Linga in a Yoni. The external outlet from a Yoni. Collapsing Linga shrine. Collapsing Linga shrine cabled and stayed. Broken Linga. Large lintel frieze on the top of Prasat Thom pyramid temple where there once was a large Linga. A Linga in a Yoni.