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Linga Shrines

One in a line of Linga in Yoni shrines. One in a line of Linga in Yoni shrines. Linga in Yoni shrine. Linga in yoni at Harshat Mata temple adjacent to Chand Baori. Linga in Yoni stone carving. Broken lintel over the entry to a Linga shrine. Shrine along the River Ganges ghats. Linga in Yoni stone carving. A large Linga in a Yoni. The external outlet from a Yoni. Collapsing Linga shrine. Collapsing Linga shrine cabled and stayed. Broken Linga. Large lintel frieze on the top of Prasat Thom pyramid temple where there once was a large Linga. Tree growing hard up against a shrine. A Linga in a Yoni.