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Windmill gear. Rusty transmission gear in an old tractor half buried in the sand. Pumping irrigation water. Pumping irrigation water. Old farm equipment. Instrument of torture or something far less sinister. Careful of losing your fingers. Part of 10 head stamp ore crusher. Lifters of stamp ore crusher. Blocked, and never to work again. Rainforest reclaims boiler from Hidden Treasure gold mine mill. Old boiler from Hidden Treasure gold mine mill. Old farm equipment in a field along the Condamine River road. Farm machinery, rusting away. Barnacle encrusted engine block of an old tractor. Nets and winding gear on deck. This old trailer has seen better days. Round and round goes the heavy cast wheel. Spinning silk from silk worm cocoons. What’s the diff? Retired.  Wheels of an old tractor, half buried in the sand. Wagon brake linkage.