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Mangrove swamp, the Tweed River at low tide. Patterned and barnacled mangrove tree stump. Young mangrove tree sprouts on the beach. Boat. Grasses and mangroves in the tidal flats. Roots of mangrove trees getting some sun while the tide’s out. Single mangrove tree and many root protrusions on the morning seashore at low tide. Paddling in the 10,000 islands part of Everglades National Park. Mangroves at low tide. Sunrise burns over the mangrove mud flats. Mangrove tree exposed at low tide, later afternoon. Sunrise over mangroves at low tide on the Clarence River. Mangrove sprouting at low tide. Persistent: Uprooted mangrove sprouting. Mangrove tree stands in front of abandoned McKenzie's jetty. Riverside rocks, sand and a mangrove tree. Small mangrove arises from the swamp amid the larger mangrove trees. View north across the Clarence River near its mouth. Pre-sunrise light on the mangrove flats at low tide. Boardwalk over mangroves. Coastal driftwood. Boardwalk over mangroves. Young mangroves exposed at low tide. Rising sun reaches out. Grasses and mangroves along Noosa River. Sunrise appears through the horizon clouds. Amid the mangroves. Mangroves along Noosa River. Fledgling mangrove tree and old boiler shell. Mangrove trees at low tide on the river. Mangrove junior seems to tippy toe over the swamp. Stranded by low tide. Mangrove shooting from low tide mud. Mangrove tree roots in the sand. Imminent arrival of the sun. Little Blue Heron perched on a mangrove tree on the banks of the Jupiter Inlet. Low tide, late afternoon. Mangrove and jetty at low tide on Noosa River. Backwater reflection. Mangrove tree growing quite well in the saline estuarine waters of the Clarence River. Sunset silhouettes a mangrove stump. Sunset silhouettes a mangrove stump. Rippled. Small creek with a few mangroves, runs out over the beach under the McKenzie's jetty. High and dry amid the mangrove mud. Mangrove flats along the Clarence River bank. Mangrove trees line the Clarence River, looking down river. Utilitarian boat in the mangrove backwaters.