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Mary River Billabong

Rail bridge over the Bellinger River at sunset. Billabong in the late afternoon light. Sun just above the western horizon over the billabong. Lotus plants and pandanus pines on the edge of the billabong. Sunset over the billabong. Pandanus pines overhang the still waters of the billabong, while anglers try their luck. Saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, amid the lotus on the bank of the billabong. Lotus flower on the billabong. Sun sets through the pandanus beside the billabong. Large saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, on the bank of the billabong. Sunset over the billabong. Crocodile lurks on the billabong bank behind the lotus. Dead water buffalo on the billabong bank, leg gnawed off, croc fodder. Sunset glow to the sky reflects in the quiet billabong waters. Edge of the billabong, late afternoon light. Sundown over the billabong. Lotus and pandanus line the billabong, looks nice, but get closer and see what lurks on the bank. Setting sun burns through the trees along the billabong. Jabiru, black necked stork, ephippiorhynchus asiaticus, at sunset. Saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, opportunistic hunter, waiting and watching. Saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, just waiting. Rainbow beeater. Jabiru, black necked stork, ephippiorhynchus asiaticus, with a fly crawling down its beak. Purple swamphen. Pair of white faced herons in a tree. Egret atop a tree. White faced heron. Look at the size of those feet on this comb crested jacana. Could reach out and touch this saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, but not good practice. Egret through the bushes. Azure kingfisher, left hand face. Jabiru, black necked stork, ephippiorhynchus asiaticus. Saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, sunning on the bank. Saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, ready for action. Yawning saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis. It’s been a long day. Azure kingfisher, right hand face. Australian Darter, anhinga novaehollandiae, drying its wings. Sundown. Jabiru, black necked stork, ephippiorhynchus asiaticus. Last light of the setting sun light up the eye of this saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis. White faced heron. White faced heron. Australian Darter, anhinga novaehollandiae, female. Saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, slips quietly into the water. Eagle’s nest, occupied. Orb of the sun almost gone to the west but shows off the smoky sky. Saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, resting but alert. Maybe it is a piece of driftwood, or possibly a crocodile. Saltwater crocodile, crocodylus porosis, stands guard over a dead buffalo as the sun sets.