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Mindil Beach

A walk on the beach at sunset. Looking west, low sun over Mindil Beach. Low sun casts last light on the beach.  Fire adds smoke and red to the sunset. Beach debris, driftwood. Beach debris, buried tire. Walking the dog on the beach as dusk approaches. Swim between the flags, lifeguard on duty at Mindil Beach. Late afternoon at Mindil Beach. Mindil creek sunset. Sun just above the horizon at Mindil creek Fire on the western horizon, tanker ship departs Darwin port. Sunset over Mindil creek.  Fire to the west adding fire to the sky. Ripples in the sand at low tide. Bounding dog. Sun halfway past the horizon, Mindil creek draining to the sea at low tide. Sun touches the horizon. Pedestrian bridge over Mindil Creek. Sand pattern from busy little crab. Footbridge over Mindil creek. Bird hunting at low tide. Busy time out to sea at dusk. Colored rocks and dog paw prints in the sand. Mindil creek drains to the sea at sunset. Bird fishing at dusk in Mindil creek. Sun setting over Mindil creek entering the sea.